Mail: Clinic -  Paultons Golf Centre 10am&body=Dear Jack, 

I have seen you are hosting an AimPoint Clinic on the 13th August and would like to attend the 10am session. Please could you contact me on [EMAIL] to arrange this.


[NAME] AimPoint Clinics Grow Your Golf  Business!

Discover more about your game than you ever though imaginable with this fantastic software. Track you progress, compete against you mates and better your game with this tour standard statistical analysis software!

Jamie runs AimPoint Clinics across the globe for a wide range of golfers from those on tour to the 28 handicapper looking to break 100. AimPoint Putting clinics are a fantastic way to learn the methods of the AimPoint Green Reading system which has transformed the putting of those who use it, many saying they enjoy the game more with increased putting confidence and putts holed.

Jamie currently teaches out of Brocket Hall Golf Club and Woburn Golf Club but can travel to host clinics at any location. Each session lasts 2 hours within which you learn either the the AimPoint Express Level 1 green reading method or AimPoint Express Level 2 green reading method used by Adam Scott. To get clear results and fantastic improvements being a tour professional isn’t necessary,all that’s requires is the willingness to learn and better ones self.

Want to book your own clinic? Simply hit the ‘Book a clinic!’ Tab on the selected date and send us the automatic email and we’ll do the rest!

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Phone: +447733255044

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