AimPoint Putting Aids

Do you want to improve your putting? The training aids below are great for developing all aspects of your putting including; putter stroke, start line and alignment and much more. Not only that, they’re all at great prices so you don’t have to break the bank to improve your game.

Whether you're a professional golfer, caddie, junior, or amateur golfer, AimPoint Green Reading will transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught--exactly where to aim when making a putt.

The AimPoint Express PLG (Putter Line Gate) is the most complete training aid on the market. Not only is it great for  sharpening the skills learned in with AimPoint Express; but it’s also perfect for any generic putting practice.

Ro&Chi AimPoint Express PLG Ro&Chi Mini Mirror Ro&Chi Elevated String Lines

The Ro&Chi Mini Mirror is a small, compact and versatile training aid that provides the player with a the benefit of

being able to improve alignment; without having to carry around the larger big brother.

The Ro&Chi Elevated Strings lines are a must for anyone wants to improve their putting start line. They’re a simple, but highly used by players at all level of the game and will no doubt add massive value to your practice.

Ro&Chi Putter Line Tracer

As the only training aid on the market that gives the player feedback on putter path without high-tech gadgetry, the Ro&Chi PLT is a truly unique tool.  this is a great training aid on receiving immediate feedback for immediate changes and results.

Ro&Chi Putter Line Gate

A simpler, but no less valuable version of the AimPoint Express model, the PLG is a simple and effective training aid for improving your start line and putting stroke.

Ro&Chi Ghost Hole

The Ro&Chi Ghose Holes are a favourite training aid of mine. The same shape and size of a real golf hole, they allow you, the player, to practice from any position on the green. Great for practicing speed control.

AimPoint Digital level

The Digital Level is an essential for practicing AimPoint. Reading in  percentage as opposed to degrees, it’s great in developing judgement of slope.

Ro&Chi Putter Line Mirror

The Putter Line Mirror (the Mini Mirrors bigger brother) is suited to those wanting a more in depth practice. This is an excellent training aid for practicing alignment, putting stroke and body positioning in one great tool.

Ro&Chi Putter Line Gate Green

Easy, simple and effective: this is the PLG Green. It’s a truly superb training aid for working specifically on start line and with a small and compact design, it fits right in your golf bag for use anywhere.

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